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Wooden staircase in a Swedish villa house

Bespoke staircase manufacturers

At Balmoral Joinery, our bespoke staircases are as tough, resilient and hardwearing as they are exquisitely designed centrepieces to any space.

Timber staircase builders with more than 30 years’ experience in our craft

A staircase can be a purely functional feature, or a true statement piece and focal point of your property. Either way, it needs to be designed and built with close attention to quality, integrity and safety.


Our bespoke timber staircases come in a rich array of styles and with plenty of opportunities for customisability, bringing true individuality and quality workmanship directly into your home. We invite you to get in touch with us to make your enquiry.

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Bespoke Joinery

Quality Craftsmanship

Closed-string staircases

In closed-string stairs, the treads and risers are enclosed by a solid timber string. This simple, traditional design is great for outdoor and indoor staircases, and can prove to be an impressive feature in any space, despite their simplicity. The risers can be opened or closed to suit your needs.

balusters and timber banister

Open-string staircases

Open (or cut) string staircases give more of an exposed appearance when viewed from the side. A more challenging and complex staircase to manufacture, open-stringers provide a visually stunning aesthetic and can come with either closed or open risers.

Traditional carpentry work

Cantilevered stairs sleeve

Cantilevered stairs are often referred to as floating stairs, due to the “floating” appearance of the treads. The stringer is actually mounted inside the wall. A truly contemporary staircase that provides a spacious and visually intriguing aesthetic.

Wooden floating staircase and handrail
closed tread stairs in white

Our staircases come with a myriad of features and choices:

  • Our staircases can feature timber balustrades for a classic, stylish visual impact

  • Decorative newel posts in custom styles

  • Open and closer-riser stairs

  • External staircases with anti-slip treads

  • Bespoke feature staircases

How can we help?

Is your staircase in state of disrepair? Looking to create a true centrepiece in your new self-build home?

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